Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks Talk PEOPLE LIKE US, Video Games, and the Sequels to WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER and STAR TREK

     June 29, 2012


Opening this weekend is director Alex Kurtzman’s (co-writer of Star Trek and Cowboys & Aliens) feature debut, People Like Us.  Inspired by true events from his own life, the film follows Sam (Chris Pine), a debt-ridden salesman who learns that his father has suddenly died, leaving behind a secret 30-year-old daughter (Elizabeth Banks) and a sizable amount of money meant for her.  As he struggles with the decision of whether or not to share the money, he forges a relationship with his unsuspecting sister and her young son.  For more on the film, here’s eight clips and my video interview with Michelle Pfeiffer (she plays Pine’s mother).

At the recent Los Angeles press day, I was able to speak with Pine and Banks.  We talked about making the film, how the studios have moved away from making talking dramas, t-shirts, video games, how they prepare for their roles, and the sequels to Wet Hot American Summer and Star Trek.  Hit the jump to watch.

Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks

  • T-shirt talk
  • What’s the last video game they’ve played
  • Were they surprised when they got the script because studios have moved away from making talking dramas.  Pine talks about how the project got made
  • How did the finished film compare to the original script
  • How did they prepare for their roles
  • Will we ever see a sequel to Wet Hot American Summer and what was it like on the first day of shooting the Star Trek sequel


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