Chris Pine Says He Was Never Offered ‘Green Lantern’

     January 11, 2016


When word started to surface that Warner Bros. was eyeing Chris Pine for a role in its DC Cinematic Universe, there was a bit of initial confusion over which character he might be playing. Reports indicated that he was in discussions for the male lead in Wonder Woman, while other reports started to surface saying Pine was actually weighing two options: playing Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, or leading his own superhero film in the studio’s Green Lantern reboot. It seemed a plausible report at the time, seeing as how Pine is already the star of another franchise and is therefore fairly bankable. But according to the actor himself, he was never in the running to wear a ring.

Steve recently caught up with Pine during the press day for The Finest Hours, and he asked the actor if he was ever offered the role of Green Lantern, to which he responded, “No. I was not offered Green Lantern ever, I’ve never had a conversation about Green Lantern.”

While we’re set to meet a few other DC characters beyond Batman (Ben Affleck), Superman (Henry Cavill), and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, there’s a question over whether director Zack Snyder will be introducing a new Green Lantern into the mix in Justice League: Part One, which is why it made sense that Pine had been offered the superhero role. However, according to the actor, he was never in the mix to succeed Ryan Reynolds as the ring-wielding hero.

He is, however, the male lead/love interest in Wonder Woman, which is currently in production with director Patty Jenkins and a World War I-set premise, which means the film will be a prequel of sorts to both Batman v Superman and Man of Steel. Will the subversion of gender roles extend to the entire Wonder Woman franchise, meaning she’ll get a different love interest for each successive movie, or will Pine have life in the DC Cinematic Universe beyond this one Wonder Woman film? I think it’d be pretty neat if he were earnestly playing the character’s love interest a la Hayley Atwell in the Captain America films, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Wonder Woman opens in theaters on June 23, 2017. Look for more from the Finest Hours press day on Collider soon.


Image via Warner Bros.

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