Chris Rock’s ‘Saw’ Gets a New 2020 Release Date, Breaks a Franchise Tradition

     July 22, 2019


The Saw spinoff continues to keep us on our toes as a new release date is announced. Per Deadline, the Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures-produced film will now be released May 15, 2020, moving it up seven months from its original October 23, 2020 release date. This marks a huge break in Saw franchise tradition since each of the previous eight films (plus one short film) have all been released in October.

The release date change is just one of the many intriguing announcements which have surrounded this film. The Saw spinoff was first announced back in May with Chris Rock confirmed to star in it as well as executive produce. Rock will play a detective investigating a series of gruesome crimes which will likely tie back into the franchise’s notorious serial killer, Jigsaw. Shortly after that announcement, it was confirmed Samuel L. Jackson had signed on to play Rock’s character’s father. The spinoff will also star Max Minghella (The Social Network), as William Schenck, the police partner of Rock’s character with Marisol Nichols (Riverdale) playing Rock and Minghella’s boss, Captain Angie Garza. The spinoff is still untitled and has been described as “Saw on steroids” which could be read as both exciting and terrifying considering how full-on past Saw installments have been.

Saw II director Darren Lynn Bousman has signed on to direct. Saw creators James Wan and Leigh Whannell will also serve as executive producers alongside Rock. Pete Goldfinger (who previously penned 2017’s Jigsaw)and Josh Stolberg have been tapped to write the script.

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