Christian Slater Talks BREAKING IN, Reveals He’s a Toy Collector, and Tells Some Great Frank Sinatra & Billy Joel Stories at WonderCon

     April 4, 2011

Christian Slater interview BREAKING IN WonderCon slice

With Fox’s new workplace comedy Breaking In premiering this Wednesday after American Idol, the network brought most of the cast (Christian Slater, Bret Harrison, Odette Yustman and Alphonso McAuley) and executive producers Adam Goldberg (Fanboys) and Doug Robinson (Rules of Engagement) to WonderCon this weekend.  The show is about a high-tech security firm that takes extreme – and often questionable – measures to sell its protection services.

Growing up, I was a huge fan of Slater’s films like Heathers, True Romance and Pump Up the Volume, and when I found out I’d get to speak with him before the panel, I’ll admit to being very excited.  Thankfully, while some people disappoint you when you meet them, Slater is a kindred spirit as he’s a toy collector and fellow geek!  I had no idea.

During the interview he reveals what he likes to collect, tells some great stories about Frank Sinatra and Billy Joel, what’s his karaoke song, and, of course, we talked about his new show Breaking In.  Hit the jump to watch.

And before getting to the interview, here’s the trailer for Breaking In which premieres Wednesday night after American Idol.

Christian Slater

  • T-shirt talk
  • What’s his karaoke song. Then tells a great Frank Sinatra story and then an awesome Billy Joel story
  • 4:45 – What was it about the character and show that got him involved
  • 6:20 – Describes the show
  • 7:00 – Talks about Adam Goldberg and how they are both geeks
  • 7:30 – WonderCon talk
  • 8:10 – Talks about their Comic-Con episode
  • 8:30 – What does he geek out over.  Says he used to collect action figures and hang ships from the ceiling.  I can relate.
  • 9:40 – Puzzle Zoo talk (a toy store in Santa Monica)
  • 10:20 – What’s the movie that people always want to talk to him about. Mentions Heathers, True Romance and Pump Up the Volume.