‘A Christmas Carol’ Trailer Sees Scrooge Haunted by Guy Who Looks a Lot Like Andy Serkis

     November 4, 2019


FX has released the first trailer for their adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic tale, A Christmas Carol. Guy Pearce leads the very English cast, which includes Andy SerkisCharlotte RileyJoe Alwyn, and Stephen Graham. Sadly, there is no Tom Hardy in sight but that’s okay because there’s plenty in this trailer to feast your eyes on.


Image via FX

It seems like FX has found an interesting way to spruce up Dickens’ story for the umpteenth onscreen adaptation, opting to go strong on the look and feel of their version rather than find a way to twist the story. The trailer goes for a more realistic look at Victorian England as seen in this story, with period-appropriate costumes, some harrowing visuals (why am I looking at a frozen child in a lake?), and lots of dirt and grime.

The trailer also previews lots of familiar story beats, including Pearce’s Ebenezer Scrooge being visited (and perpetually haunted) by Serkis’ Ghost of Christmas Past and Scrooge being dragged in chains by the Ghost of Christmas Future (played by Jason Flemyng). We also get glimpses of Graham’s young Jacob Marley, Alwyn looking quite serene as Scrooge’s other business partner Bob Cratchit, and Riley’s Lottie, whose connection to Scrooge is still a little murky. Pearce cuts an interesting figure as a younger Scrooge and we also don’t get to see too much of the bark or bit inherent in the character. Thank goodness we have three episodes of A Christmas Carol to sort it all out and really let the drama fly.

This version of A Christmas Carol comes direct from the mind of Peaky Blinders‘ Stephen Knight. Among the executive producers are Hardy and Ridley Scott. Something’s in the air because this is just the first of a new wave of Christmas Carol adaptations coming our way, too, with Bill Condon tackling a musical version for Disney and Ryan Reynolds starring alongside Will Ferrell in an adaptation for Apple.

FX’s A Christmas Carol arrives in December. Check out the first teaser trailer below: