Christopher Nolan’s INCEPTION Trailer to Debut Before INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS?

     August 10, 2009

Christopher Nolan image.jpg

The plot details of Christopher Nolan’s “Inception” are still kind of fuzzy – all we know for sure is that it is a sci-fi movie that is set within “the architecture of the mind.”  The film, which was still shooting last time I checked, is not due in theatres until next July and yet, word is that a first trailer for the film will be on display before Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Basterds” later this month.  Hit the jump for details…

According to JoBlo a “trailer” for “Inception” will be one of the coming attractions in theatres screening “Basterds” on August 21st.  I put the word “trailer” in quotations there because the site isn’t clear how long the spot will be, whether it will feature any actual footage from the film, or if it will just have the words “INCEPTION: Hop Into the Glorious Architecture of the Mind” in front of Nolan’s name and the obligatory “From the Director of The Dark Knight” tag.

If true, the 21st will be a red-letter day for sci-fi fans as the trailer for James Cameron’s “Avatar” also sees its big debut.  In case you missed the news, Fox has christened that particular day as “Avatar Day” which makes it ultra-appropriate for the trailer’s premiere.

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