Christopher Titus Reunites with Fox for a New Sitcom

     May 28, 2010


Irreverent comedian Christopher Titus is reuniting with Fox to develop a new sitcom loosely based on his life.  You may recall that the funnyman co-created and starred in the dark sitcom Titus, which aired on Fox from 2000-2002.  It featured Titus as an auto mechanic with a sadistic louse of a father, played with venomous zeal by Stacey Keach.  According to Deadline, the new series sees Titus “dealing with his great new girlfriend and her solid family as well as his crazy ex-wife.”  Titus is co-writing the project with Michael Glouberman (Malcom in the Middle); Warren Littlefield (Keen Eddie) joins the pair as executive producer.

I only have vague memories of the series, but I do remember the blackest of black comedic fodder as well as a unique structure.  The show relied on a lot of flashbacks, and included black-and-white scenes of Titus breaking the fourth wall.  You can get a sense of the edge in a montage of clips from the show after the jump, which feature a pre-Lost Cynthia Watros.