Fox Sets Screenwriter Jack Stanley for CHRONICLE 2

     March 31, 2014

chronicle 2 dane dehaan

It’s been almost a year since screenwriter Max Landis announced that a sequel to his 2012 superhero story Chronicle was moving forward without him.  News on the picture’s front has been quiet of late, but as of today we have word that Fox has tapped screenwriter Jack Stanley to pen Chronicle 2.  We know what Landis had in mind for the story, and we also know that Fox wasn’t too pleased with it, but it remains to be seen how Stanley’s take will differ.

If you don’t recognize the name, you’re not alone.  The 25-year-old screenwriter doesn’t have any produced works to his credit just yet, but he currently has the female assassin/high school graduation script Sweetheart in development, and has the werewolf script Silver making rounds as well.  Now that a writer is attached to the picture, expect to hear more about it in a few months. (Via Deadline)

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