CHUCK Fans Organize Flash Mobs to Ward Off Cancellation

     April 29, 2010


At this time last year, when NBC’s spy comedy Chuck was on the bubble for renewal, the fans united for the “Finale and a Footlong” campaign, in which they bought $5 subs from show sponsor Subway en masse.  As a result (kinda), the show got a season three.  Now that Chuck again finds itself on the bubble (shucks), what do the fans have up their sleeves?  Fansite has the answer (which The Live Feed was kind enough to pass it along): Flash mobs!

On Monday, if you live in such cities as Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, and Philadelphia, you may bear witness to a large group of people dressed in khakis and green polos (the uniform of a Buy More employee such as Chuck), some of whom may approach you to convince you how great the show is (listen–it’s awesome).  Hit the jump for appreciative comments from Chuck co-creator Josh Schwartz.

Chuck image Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski (2).JPGSchwartz realizes that such dedication goes above and beyond the customary level of fandom,

“Chuck fans are the most loyal, dedicated, imaginative, and passionate fans any show could ever hope for.  Every season they offer more proof they should be licensed and professional fans teaching other fans how it’s done. This is yet another example of their awesomeness.  We are, as always, grateful and inspired to deliver a show as good to them as they are to us.”

Although it is certainly in danger of cancellation, I’m willing to bet on a renewal.  It performs relatively well compared to the rest of NBC’s lineup, which is still left with a lot of Leno-shaped holes to fill.  Plus, it sounds like a perfect companion piece for fellow spy dramedy Undercovers, the J.J. Abrams pilot which is amassing some serious buzz.

And did I mention Chuck is awesome?  I did?  Where?  Oh yeah, I see it in the second paragraph.  Oh well, can’t reiterate it enough: Chuck is awesome.