Impossible-to-Adapt Chuck Palahniuk Story ‘Survivor’ Being Adapted for TV

     June 24, 2016


The 1999 David Fincher-directed adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club remains the most recognizable big-screen treatment of the author’s work to this day. Few would argue that point, though the conversation becomes a little more interesting when deciding who gets the lion’s share of the credit for the film’s success: Is it Palahniuk for his source material, Fincher for his direction, the incredible cast for their execution, or perhaps Jim Uhls for his screenplay adaptation?

Well, if Uhls can manage to pull off a second successful adaptation, this time for the small screen and for, arguably, a much more obscure property, perhaps some of the praise will shift in his direction. As MoviePilot reports, Palahniuk confirmed on reddit that Uhls is in fact working on a TV series adaptation of the author’s 1999 novel, Survivor.


Image via W. W. Norton & Company

Here’s what Palahniuk had to say about the project:

Survivor is in development as a television series. Jim Uhls, the screenwriter of Fight Club is writing the first season. That is all I am allowed to tell you.

At this point, a title change is probably the least of the creative team’s worries, since they’ll have to crack the series-based storytelling structure first. That’s easier said than done considering that Survivor, an expected dark comedy from Palahniuk, focuses on Tender Branson, a member of a Creedish cult who has survived his religion’s latest mass suicide only to hijack a plane by himself with plans to crash it into the Australian outback after he tells his life’s story to the plane’s black box. The framing story of Survivor is interesting enough to provide a hook with the bulk of episodes likely acting as extensive flashbacks introduced by Branson’s doomed last words.

Are you a fan of Survivor and do you think it could work as a TV series? Let us know in the comments below!

Here’s the synopsis for Survivor (via Amazon):

Tender Branson―last surviving member of the Creedish Death Cult―is dictating his life story into Flight 2039’s recorder. He is all alone in the airplane, which will crash shortly into the vast Australian outback. But before it does, he will unfold the tale of his journey from an obedient Creedish child to an ultra-buffed, steroid- and collagen-packed media messiah. Unpredictable and unforgettable, Survivor is Chuck Palahniuk at his deadpan peak: a mesmerizing, unnerving, and hilarious satire on the wages of fame and the bedrock lunacy of the modern world.


Image via W. W. Norton & Company