CHUCK Renewed!

     May 17, 2009

chuck_nbc_tv_show__1_.jpgMuch like “Dollhouse” last week, NBC has made the deal to bring back “Chuck” for another season…but, according to EW’s Michael Ausiello, only for 13 episodes and with a reduced budget that will trim the supporting cast and possibly removing one actor altogether (Pleeease be Morgan.  Pleeeease be Morgan).  While I personally never felt that “Chuck” was in such severe danger since it’s so massively appealing, has massive product placement (almost to the point of distraction), and its only real sin was trying to compete against “Dancing with the Stars” and “House, M.D.”, two of the highest-rated shows on network television.

So now the questions become: will the third season debut in the fall (and if so, is there a possibility of a nine-episode pick-up on the back-end) or as a mid-season replacement; what’s the show’s new date and time (if they keep it at Monday at 8PM, then that will be yet another example of why NBC is in 4th place); and why kind of success is NBC looking for and how will their new schedule play especially considering their all-Leno-at-10PM idiot strategy.

We’ll find out the answers to most of these questions this week as the networks do their up-front presentations with Fox kicking it off tomorrow.  Congratulations to the cast, crew, and fans of “Chuck” for pulling it through to a Season Three.