All 21 Movies That Received an “F” CinemaScore

     January 9, 2020


CinemaScore is a Las Vegas-based market research firm that polls audience members of the most recent theatrical releases and then shares that data alongside the weekend’s box office receipts. Is it kind of goofy and stupid? Yes. But it goes a long way in showing how the box office is connected with the everyday sentiments of American moviegoers and how large the gulf can sometimes be between the critical consensus and the commercial masses. Only 21 films have ever gotten an “F” CinemaScore rating, which is a testament to how forgiving these audiences are (it’s like they didn’t even watch Men in Black International), and how polarizing the films that received these grades could be. It’s with this in mind that we look back at the bottom of the CinemaScore barrel, to the 21 films that ever received that scarlet letter.


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