Cinematographer Wally Pfister Wants to Shoot BATMAN 3 in IMAX

     July 20, 2010

As we reported back in April, cinematographer Wally Pfister (The Dark Knight, Inception) wants to shoot Batman 3 in IMAX.  And I’m sure fans would love for him to do so.  Folks raved about the scenes in The Dark Knight that were shot in IMAX.  Even director Brad Bird (Ratatouille) said his teenage sons, “thought that the IMAX used in The Dark Knight was more realistic than the 3D in these new movies. Speaking to MTV, Pfister reiterated his desire to shoot the entire movie in IMAX.  He also says he’s not sold on 3D (neither in Nolan).

So what’s the problem?  Well, there are three: IMAX cameras are loud, bulky, and the film can’t be longer than 165 minutes.  However, IMAX has been trying to shrink down their camera, and the question is whether or not they’ll have a working model by the time Nolan plans to begin filming on Batman 3 next spring.  Hit the jump for more on what Pfister had to say about IMAX and 3D.

I thought Inception‘s cinematography was gorgeous and I was heartened to hear what Pfister had to say about IMAX and 3D:

“I must say I’m a huge IMAX fan. I like IMAX more than I like 3-D,” he explained. “Chris’ films are so densely layered and have so much going on visually in every way that IMAX helps enhance that because of the scope and the scale of it — it becomes a much larger canvas to paint on. That’s what we found on ‘Dark Knight.’

“I’m not a big fan of 3-D,” he continued. “I liken it to my View-Master I had 40 years ago. Are you really getting more out of the story with 3-D? When you separate those different planes and you’re creating artificial depth, it looks phony to me.”

However, it should be noted that no decision regarding 3D for Batman 3 has yet been made.  Fingers crossed, it will be in IMAX, but not 3D.

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