Exclusive: Cinephile Card Game Creators Debut ‘A is for Auteur’ Children’s Book

     September 30, 2020

a-is-for-auteur-sliceChances are, if you love movies and have been trapped inside the house since March, you’ve played Cinephile: A Card Game. The game, created by Cory Everett and Steve Isaacs, is an ingenious, multipurpose ode to the magic of the movies, something we were in very short supply of when most theaters were closed, and mainstream releases sidelined. There were even a number of games played online, for charity, including a few that the Collider crew participated in. And now we are so thrilled to exclusively announce that the Cinephile team is back with an all-new project – a children’s book called A is for Auteur.



Written by Everett and illustrated by Isaacs, A is for Auteur is officially described as “beautifully-crafted alphabet book to inspire the next generation of cinephiles.” It features “references to more than 200 films from Alfred Hitchcock to Agnès Varda,” told in the style you’ve come to know and love from the card game. I’ve read the book and it’s incredibly fun and charming, with gorgeous illustrations and told in a sing-song-y nursery rhyme style that is perfect for leaving an impression on your budding movie lover.

Along those lines we are also thrilled to debut an exclusive page from the book devoted to living legend Brian De Palma, who recently celebrated his 80th birthday. I mean, is that awesome or what?


The book will begin shipping in December (just in time for the holidays) but will be available to pre-order exclusively on lilcinephile.com starting right now. There are even awesome bundles that include additional merchandise, if you really want to go all out. And, honestly, we think you should.a-is-for-auteur-bigelowa-is-for-auteur-hitchcocka-is-for-auteur-kubrick

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