Clint Mansell No Longer Scoring SOURCE CODE

     December 15, 2010


Back in September we reported that The Fountain composer, Clint Mansell, was to score Duncan Jones’ new film, Source Code, a logical choice given the success of their collaboration on Moon. However, there has been a change of plans, as Mansell has an issue with scheduling.  Duncan Jones reported on his twitter that:

“unfortunately we weren’t able to work out a schedule so Clint could do the score in the end. He has been a very busy bee.”

In Mansell’s place, Jones has hired Chris Bacon, “a very talented young guy”, who has been working scoring films for some time but is largely unknown. A 70 piece orchestra is recording the soundtrack over the course of three days. Epic. Hit the jump for more.

Presumably it is Mansell’s work with Darren Aronofsky, the director behind highly anticipated ballerina thriller Black Swan, that has prevented Jones and Mansell working together, and fans of the acclaimed composer will no doubt be disappointed by his departure. However, Duncan Jones assures us that Chris Bacon is more than up to the job, and came highly recommended by his editor, “the legendary” Paul Hirsch (Star Wars: Episodes IV and V).

If you’ve not heard of Bacon, don’t worry – you’re not missing out (yet). His composing credits to date include scoring Disney animation documentary Waking Sleeping Beauty, Space Chimps and Love Ranch. I’ve not seen them either. Still, this could be the emergence of some fantastic new soundtrack talent, and promising new faces in the industry are always a good thing. Let’s hold our fingers crossed that Jones and Bacon create something as mesmerising as Mansell would have done.

Incidentally, for those interested and who might hold his opinion in high regard, Duncan Jones also tweeted that he gives the Coen Brother’s new film True Grit two thumbs up, calling it an “old fashioned, terrific movie.” As if we needed further convincing.

Source Code will be released on April 15, 2011 and stars Jake Gyllenhaal. The news that Mansell was off Source Code was first reported by BadassDigest.

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