Clips, Interviews and Featurette’s from YOUNG INDIANA JONES

     October 16, 2007

Finally arriving on DVD next week is a series that aired back in the early 90’s – “The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.” This was the show that George Lucas developed while they were filming the third “Indiana Jones” movie and it was designed to not only provide the history of Dr. Jones, but to teach children about the past in a fun way.

The show accomplished this by having Indy meet all sorts of historical figures along his adventures like Leo Tolstoy, Pancho Villa, Charles de Gaulle, John Ford, Eliot Ness, Al Capone, Norman Rockwell and a ton of others.

The other thing the show did that was quite unusual was alternate between the age of Indy in each episode. Some episodes had Indy as a 10 year old (played by Corey Carrier) and some had him as a teenager (played by Sean Patrick Flanery). While I haven’t seen the show since it originally aired… I do remember the episodes with the older Indy as the ones that had the action.

One of the Collider writers currently has the box set and we’ll be posting a review soon… but until then.. Paramount Home Video has supplied us with a ton of videos to watch including clips, new interviews with George Lucas and Rick McCallum, and some interesting featurettes. They’re all below. So untill next week when you can buy the box set….

Before the world discovered Indiana, Indiana discovered the world.

George Lucas on The Young Indiana Jones

Rick McCallum

The Guest Stars on the Show

Shot in 35 locations around the world

Interactive Timeline

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