Clive Owen and Catherine Keener Will TRUST David Schwimmer’s Directing

     October 14, 2009


If you told me thirty minutes ago that Clive Owen and Catherine Keener would be starring in a movie directed by David Schwimmer, I would have thought you were trying to tell the worst/strangest lie ever.  And then THR reported that Schwimmer was directing Owen and Keener in a film called “Trust”.  And then Steve told me that we had inadvertently reported on this last week.  So there’s really not more for me to do but repeat the synopsis and crack a couple jokes.

“Trust” tells the story of a family blindsided when their teenage daughter becomes a victim of an online sexual predator.   Schwimmer pitched this story many times to the “Friends” producers but all they wanted to talk about is whether or not Ross and Rachel should get back together.  No word yet if this movie could also serve as an origin story for Chris Hansen where he was too late…too late.

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