‘Cloak and Dagger’ Season 2 Cast, EP on Tandy & Tyrone’s Evolving Relationship, Mayhem, and More

     April 2, 2019


What do two young super-powered teenagers do after saving the city together? They … try and go back to living their lives? It sounds so simple and quaint, and yet when Cloak and Dagger returns for Season 2 on April 4 with a two-hour premiere, Tandy (Olivia Holt) and Tyrone (Aubrey Joseph) are attempting to do just that. Don’t forget, though they may have saved an entire city from destruction, they’re still just teenagers.

That’s why Season 2 begins with Tandy and Tyrone facing their new normal and trying to put the past behind them. For one, that means going home to the place she had run away from long ago, seeing her family history in a new light. For another, that means leaving behind everything he knows to hide from the police because of a murder he didn’t commit. They’re both trying to move on from the trauma of Season 1 in whatever ways they can.

But what happens when Tandy and Tyrone are faced with an even more sinister enemy that’s been hiding in the shadows of the city they call home their entire lives? Will they team up once more to tackle a problem that’s more institutionalized than they realize, or will they go it alone?

Collider visited the New Orleans-based set of Marvel’s Freeform drama during production on Cloak and Dagger Season 2 to get the scoop on how much these fledgling superheroes have learned from their past, what they’ll be facing this Season and a potential new ally or enemy that has quite the comic book backstory behind her. Check out everything the showrunner and stars revealed below.