New ‘The Clone Wars’ Season 7 Trailer: Meet Clone Force 99, AKA The Bad Batch

     February 14, 2020


If you’re a live-action Star Wars fan who’s struggling with the end of the Skywalker Saga and the wait for The Mandalorian Season 2, now might be the perfect time to dip your toe into the vast world of Star Wars animated content. Especially when it comes to The Clone Wars.

The celebrated animated series returns for its seventh and final season on Disney+ this month, and subscribers won’t just have exclusive access to the final 12 episodes — the streamer is currently hosting all six previous seasons if you need to catch up. With Season 7’s February 21 premiere date just around the corner, Disney+ has debuted a new trailer introducing a ragtag bunch of soldiers; Clone Force 99, aka The Bad Batch.

If that name sounds familiar, that might be because the episode titled ‘The Bad Batch’ was previously screened at Star Wars Celebration 2015 alongside ‘A Distant Echo’. Those two will now be the first two episodes in Season 7, finally giving fans the opportunity to see those story arcs full realized after The Clone Wars was abruptly cancelled in 2013.

Check out the Bad Batch-centric trailer below. Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 7 debuts on Disney+ on February 21. If you need to get caught up, be sure to check out the streamer’s picks for the 20 essential Clone Wars episodes.

The logline for ‘The Bad Batch’ reads only “Captain Rex and the Bad Batch must infiltrate an enemy base on Anaxes,” but here are some more details on Squad 99 via the official Star Wars site.

“During the creation of the clone army, the Kaminoans made genetic experiments in an attempt to create super soldiers. While the plan never quite worked, four of those experiments came to form Clone Force 99, or, as they called themselves, the Bad Batch. The Bad Batch were indeed an elite group, though their methods were somewhat unorthodox. The team’s clones were wildly different from each other, with unique personalities and body types: Hunter, the stoic and strong leader; Wrecker, the hot-headed brute; Tech, the intellectual and strategist; and Crosshair, the fast, deadly master of close-quarters combat. The group proved pivotal in the mission to recover an algorithm from Separatist forces on Anaxes.”