‘Close Enough’ Renewed for Season 2 on HBO Max

     August 6, 2020


Rejoice, fans of silly and surprisingly heartfelt adult-skewering animation! Close Enough will return for season 2 on HBO Max. Series creator (and voice of lovable goofball Josh) J.G. Quintel made the announcement today on Twitter. The show, originally developed for Cartoon Network’s [adult swim] programming block, premiered on HBO Max on July 9.

The animated sitcom tells the story of two 30-somethings trying to maneuver parenthood and the complications of no longer being cool, in modern day Los Angeles. The voice cast includes Gabrielle Walsh, Jessica DiCicco, Jason Mantzoukas, Kimiko Glenn and Danielle Brooks. And while it might sound like the kind of show that could just be accomplished in live-action, Close Enough frequently engages in oversized and incredibly surreal interludes. (I just watched an episode where an old woman flashed some people and their faces melted like the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.) Quintel previously created and provided voice work for Regular Show, which ran on Cartoon Network for 7 seasons and 261 episodes.


Image via Cartoon Network Studios, HBO Max

If you haven’t watched Close Enough yet we highly recommend it (you can read the Collider review here). It’s a delightful adult comedy, wonderfully animated and with charm to spare. The fact that it’s coming back for another season on HBO Max is a very good sign, both for the show and for Warner Media’s streaming platform’s commitment to quality animated programming. Now if we could only get a third season confirmation for Harley Quinn