‘Clue’ Remake Heads to Fox with “Action-Adventure” Twist

     August 17, 2016


That Clue remake is still kicking around, and a new feature film adaptation of the classic board game has been granted new life. Hasbro initially intended to make a new Clue movie back in 2011, when the game company partnered with Universal for a series of game-to-movie adaptations that came to a crashing halt after their first outing, Battleship. Regardless, that iteration had promise: Pirates of the Caribbean filmmaker Gore Verbinski was attached to direct. After developing the script for a few years, however, the project fell apart and was never to be heard from again. Until today!

Per The Tracking Board, 20th Century Fox has landed the new Clue movie with Josh Feldman producing for Hasbro Studios and Ryan Jones serving as the exec. While it’s still early days, there’s apparently a desire to up the scale of the story with a “worldwide mystery” that has “action-adventure elements.” And, obviously, it’s being envisioned as a franchise-starter with global appeal.

clue-movieWhat does all of that mean? We don’t know exactly, but if Fox is indeed eyeing this as a potential worldwide player, one can reasonably expect a diverse cast with a tone possibly in line with Ocean’s Eleven or Now You See Me.

While an adaptation of this particular board game may sound like a bad idea to begin with, I’d remind you that it was successfully adapted to the big screen in 1985 to stellar results. That version was very much a parlour-centric whodunit scripted by John Landis and directed by Jonathan Lynn, with Tim Curry leading a cast of tremendously talented comedic performers (Madeline Kahn is perfection). It’s incredibly silly and an unbelievably fun romp—the kind of film they don’t really make anymore because nowadays, comedies have to have a genre or action hook, hence the “worldwide mystery” aspect of this new Clue.

What do you think, folks? Who should direct an action-adventure-esque Clue movie? Do you have a dream cast in mind? Sound off in the comments below.



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