Colin Farrell and Toni Collette Get Sucked into FRIGHT NIGHT Remake

     May 10, 2010

As you may know by now, the 1985 cinematic opus, Fright Night, is getting remade.  Now, according to Heat Vision, Colin Farrell has joined the cast in the role of Jerry Dandridge, the murderous vampire neighbor that happens to be incredibly charming and, given Farrell’s casting, potentially Irish.  Farrell’s part was played brilliantly by Chris Sarandon in the original.

Farrell joins Toni Collette (United States of Tara) and Anton Yelchin (Star Trek, Terminator: Salvation) in the cast.  Yelchin is slated to play the part of Charley Brewster, the young man that intends to prove, with some help from local-pulp horror-show-host Peter Vincent, that Jerry is killing people.  Collette will play Jerry’s mom.  In the original, Charley’s mom proved that she wasn’t the greatest parent when she becomes enraptured by Jerry, the suave, suspected-vampire, despite her son’s protests.

Hit the jump for my thoughts on the project and a synopsis of the original.  Also, click here to read what producer Mike De Luca had to say about the remake when Steve interview him in January.

In terms of campy 80s vampire movies, Fright Night, gets overshadowed by The Lost Boys, but given the right cast, I think a remake could be very entertaining.  Seeing a legitimately evil vampire might even draw support from the anti-Twilight crowd who are tired of seeing brooding, sparkling bloodsuckers.  I think that casting Yelchin is a stroke of genius and Collette and Farrell, both award-winning actors, have the ability to be fantastic in their roles.  The only part left that can make or break the movie is the character of Peter Vincent.  Whoever plays Vincent has to be able to strike a believable balance of camp and seriousness.  An acclaimed dramatic actor like Ian McKellan could add an extra element of comedy while still pulling off the more serious moments of the movie.  For the moment, I’m really excited about this movie.

Here’s the synopsis from All Movie Guide:

A teenage horror film addict is shocked to discover that his new next-door neighbor is a vampire in this delightful mix of horror and comedy. The problems only grow for young Charley Brewster (William Ragsdale) when he expresses his thoughts about fanged new neighbor Jerry Dandridge (Chris Sarandon). His girlfriend, Amy (Amanda Bearse), thinks Charley is avoiding their relationship issues, his single mom thinks Dandridge (Chris Sarandon) could be a potential boyfriend, and his buddy “Evil” (Stephen Geoffreys) just thinks Charley’s losing it. Worst of all, Dandridge and his nasty assistant, Billy Cole (Jonathan Stark), are on to Charley’s wild notions — and have plans to pay him a late-night visit to silence him. With no one to help him, Charley turns to the one man he knows has faced the wrath of the undead and lived, the fearless vampire killer Peter Vincent (Roddy McDowall). A washed-up actor who has just been fired from his job as the host of a late-night horror show, Vincent is not about to believe in the rantings of an impressionable teen. However, lured by Amy’s cash offer, he agrees to help her convince Charley that Dandridge isn’t a vampire. There is just one problem: Dandridge is a vampire and when Amy falls under his evil spell, its up Charley and Peter to drive a stake through their potential romance.

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