College Humor’s STAR WARS Parody TROOPERS Featuring Aubrey Plaza

     March 2, 2011


The reliable folks at College Humor have launched a new web series called Troopers.  While it parodies Star Wars, it has the courtesy not to directly pull the costumes and hair-styles from the famous films.  The new episode, “Forcefield”, focuses on the tricky problem of invisible forcefields and a couple of hapless troopers trying to convince their prisoner (played by the lovely and hilarious Aubrey Plaza of Parks and Recreation and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World fame) that the forcefield keeping her captive is in no way malfunctioning.

While I’m slightly bored to death by Star Wars parodies, this one manages to be pretty funny by using *gasp* clever dialogue and comic timing rather than recycling 30-year-old jokes.  Hit the jump to check out the episode.



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