Writer of COLLEGE REPUBLICANS Shops New Treatment for Fantasy/Comedy THE EPIC OF TROY NIGHT

     January 15, 2011


Last month, we told you which scripts had made 2010’s Black List. Compiled every year by Hollywood insiders, the Black List is a list of the “most liked” or “best” unproduced scripts circling Hollywood. The script that got the most votes last year is called College Republicans and was written by Wes Jones. Republicans tracks aspiring politician Karl Rove’s dirty campaign for College Republican chairman. While that project hasn’t gone into production yet, Jones is currently busy pitching his next project called The Epic of Troy Night, and it’s a doozy. I’ll let 24 Frames explain the plot:

“It’s about a man seeking his love in a fantasy-world New York that’s been plunged into a blackout — all while he’s looked after by a set of ‘Clash of the Titans’-esque rulers who play chess with the universe.”

A bit out there, no? 24 Frames describes it as a “fantasy-comedy-existential-romance.” As for College Republicans, Shia Lebeouf is reportedly interested in taking on the role of Rove, with Paul Dano apparently circling the project as well.

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