Collider Attends the TRON LEGACY Event in NYC – Report and Video Blog Recap Here

     February 27, 2010


Just got back from the Tron Legacy Viral event at the AMC Lincoln Plaza on 68th Street and quickly sat down with Edward Douglas from to talk about what we saw, which you can watch after the jump.  Essentially, they booked the IMAX theater and it was maybe 75-80% capacity for people who drove in (and one person even flew in from Toronto) to see the first footage from the movie.  What we got was the first real trailer which was about two and a half minutes.  I’m hearing the trailer is in front of Alice in Wonderland, so you only have to wait a week to see it for yourself.

The good news is the trailer is awesome and a great introduction to the sequel to Tron.  If you thought the test footage that’s been online for two years was cool, you’re going to lose your mind watching this awesome 3D trailer.  Hit the jump for my video blog with Ed Douglas and more on the trailer:

Tron Legacy movie image.jpgEssentially, the teaser started with Bruce Boxleitner talking to Jeff Bridge’s son Sam, played by Garret Hedlund, about his father, some footage of Sam doing some stunts on a motorcycle in the real world, before pulling up to the abandoned Flynn’s Arcade, going inside, uncovering the Tron arcade game and finding the hidden room behind it.

The Tron world footage included a nice introduction shot to Olivia Wilde’s character Quorra with a brief bit of a Disc fight with Sam, a quick look at Michael Sheen’s character, and it ends with a light cycle chase that ends in one of bikes smashing into digital bits.

The world of Tron looks like the first film mixed with The Matrix…and it’s awesome.

The only negative to report this morning is they only showed the trailer once to a crowd that showed up an hour early.  Not cool. At all.  But the footage did make up for it.

Anyway, here’s a video blog of Ed and I talking about this morning and the trailer:



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