Collider Attends the World Premiere of THE KARATE KID Remake at Showest – Video Blog Recap Here

     March 17, 2010


Just an hour ago I got out of the world premiere of The Karate Kid remake at Showest.  Starring Jaden Smith as the new kid that needs training and Jackie Chan as the Mr. Miyagi character,  the movie is Sony’s big release this June.  While I didn’t think the movie needed to be remade, I’ll admit to getting excited for the film based on the last trailer.  So did the film work?  Is it a waste of time? Hit the jump for an answer.

karate_kid_2010_jayden_smith_001.jpgWhile we aren’t allowed to write any reviews of the film, Peter from Slashfilm and I did one of our video blogs right after the movie ended.  We didn’t talk about what we thought until the camera started rolling, so it’s both of us unedited.

The good news is Jaden Smith can act and this is definitely the beginning of this kids career in front of the camera.  Also, the landscape of China plays a big part of the film and it’s great to look at.  Finally, if I were a kid and hadn’t seen the original film, I’d probably love the remake.

But…for those of us who did see the original film, there is a lot of things that will feel very familiar and some of the things were done a lot better in the original movie.  One thing that really stood out for me were the bad guys.  In the original film you got to know the characters and they went to one of the coolest bad guy schools in movie history: the Cobra Kai Dojo.  I have no ideas where the new bad guys go to school. Huge mistake. Also, the film felt long.  I definitely think it could lose 10 minutes and be fine.

Look, if you’ve seen the original Karate Kid, you’ve seen this movie.  But if you have a kid, or just want to relive your childhood, you could do a lot worse than this remake.

Here’s the video blog recap:


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