Get Ready for Collider’s Comic-Con 2011 Coverage

     July 19, 2011

Collider has been attending the San Diego Comic-Con for years now.  Last year was my third year attending Comic-Con with the site and it was our best coverage of the convention thus far.  We had writers constantly sending in stories and we were posting a deluge of panel reports, exclusive interviews, and other great content.

This year will be even better.

We’ll be covering more panels, doing more exclusive interviews, and we’ll still be posting the stories as fast as we can send them in.  Once again, our Comic-Con coverage will be as up-to-the-minute as you can get short of actually being there.  Our coverage of this year’s Con will begin tomorrow night.  If you want updates from the Con even faster than we can post them on the site, then be sure you’re following @colliderfrosty, @adamchitwood, @colliderjason, @ColliderBrendan, and @MattGoldberg on Twitter.

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