Collider Exclusive – Collin Chou is not a NINJA ASSASSIN

     April 11, 2008

As most of you know, I’m a huge Wachowski Brothers fan. So when word leaked that they wrote a new script called “Ninja Assassins” and that it’d be directed by James McTeigue (“V for Vendetta”), you could say I was excited. After all, I loved V and I’ve been waiting patiently for James to make his follow up film.

In fact, when I was at ShoWest and I got the chance to speak with super producer Joel Silver, the only thing I really wanted to discuss was “Ninja Assassins.” Thankfully, he told me it’s a completely original revenge story and he said it’s a “full on martial arts movie.” He also said the start date for “Ninja Assassin’s” was six weeks away. Since that was a few weeks ago, you’d figure everything would be smooth sailing.

But thanks to a source I completely trust, I can now report Collin Chou (one of the two reported leads) has dropped out of the project. While I don’t know the reason, I’m fairly certain they won’t have a problem getting someone to step in and take his place.

With the “Speed Racer” press junket taking place in exactly a week and with Joel Silver attending, you can look for me to find out what’s up with the project soon. Until then….

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