Collider Exclusive Interview – Savage Steve Holland

     August 17, 2007

Have you ever heard people saying “I want my two dollars!”

Or what about, “This is pure snow! Do you have any idea what the street value of this mountain is?”

Both of those quotes come from one of the best movies of the 1980’s – “Better Off Dead.” And who wrote it?The person I interviewed below, Savage Steve Holland.

While some people think that Savage Steve disappeared after “Better Off Dead” and “One Crazy Summer,” the fact is he started directing TV and he’s had a long history working in the industry since those feature films.

And while he’s had a great career these past two decades, he’s recently gotten behind the camera and started directing feature films again so if you’re a fan of his work…get ready, as the third film in his trilogy might actually get made next year! Yup, there was supposed to be a third film after “Better Off Dead” and “One Crazy Summer” and it’s called “The Big One.”

In the coming weeks I’ll be doing a video interview with Savage Steve and we’re going to go into a lot more details on his history in Hollywood and touching base on his upcoming projects. But until then, I think you’ll dig the interview below as he talks about his recent film “Ratko: The Dictators Son,” how he’s directing the new “Legally Blondes” movie, an update on “The Big One” and I even get him to talk about the Whammy’s from the old game show “Press Your Luck.”

And while I usually do in person interviews, this one was done via email so I’m posting his replies the way he sent them to me. You’ll see as you read it why I’m doing that.

Question: So you just got back from shooting in Canada. Can you talk about what you were working on, who was in it and what was the story?

Savage Steve: I was just in Canada where I wrapped “RATKO: THE DICTATOR’S SON” for NATIONAL LAMPOON. Imagine it’s your first day of college and you’re moving into your dorm room and excited to meet your roommate. And then your room-mate turns out to be one of Saddam’s (-esque) Son’s! NOW WHAT?!?!? This is the story of RATKO. It stars EFREN RAMIREZ (Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite) and KATRINA BOWDEN (Hilarious, sick beautiful Hottie from 30 Rock) Ratko’s REALLY stupid, shameless, and wonderful. I love this movie and will probably go back to FILM JAIL just for making it. But I go proudly. Efren and Katrina were amazing and silly and just wonderful. And of course Curtis Armstrong, (yes, of course I tricked him into being in another one of my movies. When will he learn?) RULES IN IT!

Q: I heard that you were directing a sequel to the Legally Blonde franchise. Is that true? And what’s the story about? And when do you start filming?

Yes, it’s official, I am directing the Tri-quel to Legally Blonde. It’s called Legally Blondes. I’m not sure how much I can say about it as I just got the call. But it’s very sweet and funny. Beloved director Sean Macnamara (BRATZ) was supposed to direct this project. He had too much on his plate as a show-runner/producer. His company Brookwell/Macnamara basically produces EVERYTHING else that’s being made in this town. So he will PRODUCE LB3! So I got hired to direct. I think it’s because I kinda look like Sean. We’re both incredibly handsome, beefy, bushy haired surfer types. Sean’s just more talented. But at least I’m bloated.

Q: A little while ago rumors were going about you finally directing the third in your trilogy called The Big One? Can you give your fans an update on this project?

The Big ONE. ONE is supposedly filming in Feb. of 2008. We are waiting for a SUPER CRAZY WHACK SUPER FAMOUS Saturday Night Live actor’s schedule. (who I’m not sure if we have a deal with yet). This is my dream project. Producer Warren Zide (American Pie) is making this a reality.

Q: How often do you meet people who say “I want my two dollars” and then run off?

I love when people say “2 dollars!” to me. But I’m amazed when anyone talks to me at all, so, um, maybe that doesn’t count.

Q: This is going to be a little off subject… but I heard you animated the Whammy on the show Press Your Luck? Is that true and if it is, can you talk about that experience?

YES “THE WHAMMY!” My first job after college! I was asked by the producer Bill Carruther’s to invent a “bad creature” that stole people’s money. I drew something on a napkin and the producer Bill C. said “THAT’S IT!” (he did the voice! Not me!) I animated that little fella on the most primitive “computer” animation system on Earth. It was steam powered. But I love my terribly animated Whammies!

And as I said above, in the coming weeks I’ll be doing a video interview with Savage Steve that’ll be way more in depth… so if you have any questions that you’d like me to ask… please send them my way!

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