Collider Is Looking For New Writers. You Want In?

     December 11, 2009


Collider is pleased to announce that we are currently bringing on new writers to help us cover the vast amount of entertainment news streaming through the Internet.  I personally joined the site in September 2007 and aside from the rather unnecessary blood oath and “Eyes Wide Shut”-orgy welcome party, it has been a pleasant and rewarding job that I brag about I order to make other people feel jealous.

But as we’ve evolved into our new, blog-style format, we need fresh blood.  There’s simply too much content for us to cover and that why we want you to write for if you meet the following conditions.  Find out what they are and how to apply after the jump.

–You not only love movies, you KNOW movies.

    We all like movies.  Some of us even love movies.  And that’s all well and good.  Sadly, it’s not enough if you want to be a film journalist.  If you think you’ve seen enough films to know your stuff, you’re wrong.  There’s always something more to learn and new cinematic venues to explore. does not copy-and-paste the news.  We report it and then attempt to provide context, analysis, and humor.  We want Collider to be a primary destination for film fans not just so they can get their fix for the latest entertainment news, interviews, reviews and more, but to help educate our readers in cinematic connections and history.  If your Top Ten Favorite Movies of All-Time doesn’t contain a film that was released before “Star Wars”, writing for this site may not be a good fit.

    –You know how to write.

      If you’re a regular reader of Collider, then you know that I don’t even have the time to proof-read my own articles let alone others.  That’s my bad habit and I’m working to correct it because one of these days I’m going to make some grammatical error or typo and the sentence will come out “Charles Grodin sets fire to small village,” because that’s how those kinds of errors work.

      You need to be able to write well and write fast.  We don’t need “Two Treatises of Government” and you don’t need to be Cormac McCarthy (although we would totally hire that guy if he’s interested), but we do need writing that expresses not only knowledge and wit but brevity and clarity.

      –You’re willing to write without pay.

        For those that haven’t quit reading right there, allow me to explain: Collider, while a successful site, isn’t raking in enough dough to pay new hires.  It’s not that we don’t want to pay you as much as we’re trying to grow in the middle of a recession.  You may have heard about this recession as it’s been mentioned on the news a few times.

        At this point you’re probably thinking, “So I’m supposed to provide you with well-written, insightful content at a fast pace and you’re not paying me a dime?”  That’s how I started.  That’s how most of us working on online movie sites started.  What this job provides is opportunity.  You make your own hours, you decide how many stories you want to write, and we won’t get on your case if you don’t cover something (unless you said you were going to do it and then you don’t).  We will never neglect or take your hard work for granted and if we can depend on you, then you can depend on us to do right by you in the future.

        If you’re an aspiring entertainment journalist, this is your chance to build your portfolio by contributing to one of the fastest up-and-coming online film websites.  And when anyone asks what you do for a living, you can tell them that you’re a film journalist and just leave out the part about how much it pays.  Trust me, they’ll be impressed.

        Film journalism, like most media, is moving online and Collider is becoming a more prominent player everyday through a combination of exclusive stories, sharp writing, fresh content, and human growth hormone.  People want their news fast and they want it insightful.  If you’re young, hungry, and have both the time and the energy to contribute to this rapidly-growing movie website we have going, then this is a serious first step in a career in entertainment journalism.

        If you’re still interested, please send your resume, three of your best writing samples, and a cover letter explaining why you think you’d be a strong addition to  In the headline please say RESUME

        Thank you.


        Steven Weintraub, Editor-in-Chief

        Matt Goldberg, Managing Editor


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