Collider Is Looking for a Full Time Writer

     November 24, 2015

collider-new-logo in conjunction with Collider Movie Talk is currently looking for a talented, passionate individual for a full-time position writing about movie and television news. If you’re looking to build a portfolio, get real experience writing about movies professionally, and contribute to our great site, we would love to read your application.

Candidates must have consistent and reliable availability, know how to write copy for Collider Movie Talk, Collider Heroes, Jedi Council, and other Collider Video Recap shows, with the possibility of writing news and original features for, search for relevant news, quickly report on stories, communicate effectively with co-workers, and be able to write competently about the workings of film and TV industry development and production. Furthermore, they must able to handle multiple edits while still maintaining speed and accuracy, proficient knowledge in the world of film, filmmaking, and the business of Hollywood, with an emphasis on superhero movies and franchises. Finally, familiarity with basic image editing software, HTML, and WordPress is a plus.

The position requires working in Burbank, California. The ideal candidate is highly knowledgeable about the film and television industry, pop culture, and is passionate about the Collider, our audience and voice.

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