Collider Nightmares is Coming! Help Us Pick a Theme Song for Our New Horror Show

     June 4, 2016

In case you missed the announcement on Movie Talk, we’ve got some big news to share. We’re introducing a brand new weekly show on the channel, a horror show called Collider Nightmares! Whether you’re into slashers, possession stories, psychological scares, extreme action or another form of thrills and chills, we’ll have you covered. Collider Nightmares debuts on Tuesday, June 7th with head honcho/host Clarke Wolfe, yours truly as a regular panelist, and special guests Jon Schnepp and Mark Reilly who will be joining us for the first few episodes.

We’ve been busy getting everything ready for the big debut for a while now, but there’s one last thing we need to take care of – picking a theme song. Rather than just pick something random and slap it on the beginning of the show, we thought we’d take it two steps further and, one, get some stellar original options specially made for Nightmares by the talented Ryan Colt Levy of Braeves and then, two, have you guys help us narrow it down and pick which should be the official theme of the show.

In order to participate, press play on Collider Best of the Week at the top of this post, go to the 20:42 mark and give the three options a listens. Once you’ve done that, cast a vote for your favorite in the poll below. We’ll keep this baby up and running until 5pm PST on Monday June 6th and then on Tuesday’s show, we’ll open up with the winning song!

And don’t forget, we’re taking Twitter questions on Collider Nightmares. If you’d like your question answered on the show, shoot us a tweet using the hashtag #ColliderNightmares. Can’t wait to dive into all the blood, guts, scares, ghosts, demons and more on the first episode of Collider Nightmares this Tuesday on the Collider Videos YouTube Channel!

Note: clicking an option casts a vote, it does not play the song. To hear the songs, click on the Best of the Week video at the top of the page, and go to the 20:42 mark