Collider Nominated For Best News Blog by!

     January 6, 2010


In what is a tremendous honor for us here at Collider, has nominated our site for Best Movie Blog of 2010.  For those who don’t know, Total Film began back in 1997 and is one of the best-selling movie magazines around.  In their nomination of our site, described us thusly: “On the up-and-up, Collider have had a strong year bolstered by some big exclusives and a lot of hard work.”  If we win, we would like to share our award with Megan Fox, the boy who handed Megan Fox a flower, and all the foreign child labor we pay to write news. I’m just kidding about that last one. We don’t pay them anything.

However, we are in some fine company.  But there are some things* I feel you should know about our fellow nominees so you can make a fully informed decision: the folks at /Film have a weekly blood orgy at their local rec center; the JoBlo guys beat up hobos and then eat them for strength; Dark Horizons’ Garth Franklin gets his jollies from putting monkey pox into cafeteria food ; and all the other nominees said some really nasty things about stuff they planned to do with your girlfriend.  Like filty stuff.  You don’t even want to know.  [*Claims are most likely untrue, except for the /Film one.  I’m 90% sure about that]

Click here and vote for us or you can use the poll below.  It will feel so good.


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