THE COLLISION: Episode 3 – Talkin’ Wish Lists, Teasers for Trailers, LOCKOUT, THE CABIN IN THE WOODS, and More

     April 15, 2012


Our goal for The Collision‘s runtime is to always keep the show between 45 minutes and an hour.  However, we broke that rule this week so we could spend time talking about The Cabin in the Woods.  This is also our first show where we instituted spoiler protection, so everything Cabin was placed at the end of the show (specifically, it starts at the 41:55 mark).  But for those who don’t want to hear about Cabin just yet, we’ve still got plenty of great podcast for you.  We talk about the Catching Fire director wish list, teasers for trailers, Lockout, our weekly recommendations, and at one point my microphone drops out for a minute and we just keep going anyway!  You can also hear my awesome new speech impediment from having braces put back on my teeth.   The show is rough, tumble, and a whole lotta fun.  Once again, we encourage you to give us your thoughts on the podcast by either sounding off in the comments section or shooting a tweet @CollisionCast.  We’re still figuring out this podcast, and your feedback is invaluable in helping us shape the program.

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