The Collider Podcast Network Is Now Live

     April 5, 2018


Howdy folks! We at Collider have a pretty exciting announcement to make. While longtime readers of the site know that’s Senior Film Editor Matt Goldberg and I have been hosting a Collider podcast since 2012 (first called “The Collision”, then retitled “The Collider Podcast”, and now titled “The Podcast” because we like to keep our fans on their toes), the entire Collider team is happy to be launching a whole network of podcasts for Collider fans to enjoy.

If you listened to the latest episode of The Podcast you now know we’re under a new banner on iTunes, “The Collider Factory.” That’s where you can not only find each new weekly episode of The Podcast, but a variety of other podcasts from the Collider team.

As shows grow in audience in The Collider Factory, they will eventually be moved into their own separate feed. Right now, The Podcast serves as the anchor for The Collider Factory, while separate feeds exist for the audio versions of our popular YouTube series Movie Talk, Heroes, Jedi Council, and Movie Trivia Schmoedown. Moreover, debuting on Friday, April 6th is a brand new podcast series called 1×1 with Kristian Harloff. This new podcast will essentially be a longform interview with someone of note—the first episode kicks off with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Fanboys star Dan Fogler as the show’s inaugural guest.

And this is only the beginning! We hope to bring you a wide range of new podcast content from the Collider team. Most new shows will launch inside The Collider Factory first, which will also periodically play host to some reviews and editorials, so keep an eye out for fresh content.

And if you’re a longtime listener of The Podcast, no need to fret. Content-wise there are no sweeping changes, so you can still look forward to hearing our deep-dive conversations on new releases, filmmakers, and why Matt is always wrong (kidding). You’ll just need to subscribe to The Collider Factory to find our new episodes.

Happy listening!


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