Collider Premiere: Cannes Promo Footage from DEMOTED

     May 12, 2009

David Cross and Michael Vartan.jpgWith the Cannes Film Festival set to begin in just two days, Collider has been given something to cool to premiere before anyone can see it at the festival.

As some of you already know, one of my partners is producer Warren Zide. He’s made a few movies you might have heard of like the “American Pie” movies, and the first three “Final Destination’s”.

Anyway, he’s recently produced a new comedy called “Demoted” and it stars David Cross, Michael Vartan and Sean Astin.

So to help sell the film around the world, a short promo clip has been put together and they’re going to show it at Cannes. However, we’ve been given permission to premiere it here on Collider first, so if you’re a fan of the actors involved, or just curious, take a look at the clip below.

Since Warren is a partner on the site, I’m not going to give my thoughts on the footage as that would destroy any credibility I have. So all I’ll say is I like David Cross a lot, and hope the film is really funny.

The synopsis and clip are after the jump. Take a look.

Mike and Rodney are two mid-level sales associates at a tire company. They skate by on the good graces of their elderly boss who has a soft spot for them. After a night of partying, they wake up to the news that the old guy has died of a heart- attack, and their new boss is Castro, the office jerk. They are immediately demoted to the all female secretarial pool and forced to put in their first day of hard work at Treadline Tires. Completely unequipped for the demands of the job, Mike and Rodney put themselves at the mercy of the women who they had formerly looked down on. Desperately needing their paychecks, they suck up their pride and become one of the girls: They join the women’s softball team, share diet and dating tips and watch Desperate Housewives together. Risking their own jobs, Mike and Rodney spearhead an uprising demanding fair treatment for all secretaries, and find strength in themselves and a pride in their work they had never known. In the end, with the support of their newfound comrades, they manage to land the biggest account in the history of the company, restore the dignity of the secretaries, get their jobs back…and get their nemisis Castro Demoted.

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