Collider talks to Leonard Nimoy about FRINGE

     April 25, 2009

Written by Steve ‘Frosty’ Weintraub

Earlier today I did something awesome – I got to speak with Leonard Nimoy at the press junket for “Star Trek”. While the interview can’t run until closer to the release of the film, he did tell me something cool about “Fringe” that I figure is safe to post right now.

But before getting to the news, I first need to tell all of you….if you’re not watching “Fringe” on Tuesday night’s on Fox, you’re missing out on one of televisions best shows. Since the first episode, the show has gotten better and better.

While I hate comparing a show to another…remember when “The X-Files” was on and everyone thought it was so amazing, “Fringe” blows it out of the water. Unlike “The X-Files”, which took weeks away from answering mythology questions, “Fringe” is able to wrap each week’s episode with new and original storylines that tie the greater mysteries together. Again, it’s a show you should really watch.

Anyway, as most of you have probably heard, Leonard Nimoy has been cast as Dr. William Bell and he’ll be making his first appearance as the head of Massive Dynamic on the finale.

Since I was curious if this would be a one shot appearance or if this would be the beginning of him joining the series, he told me that he’s agreed to do 2 episodes next season. While “Fringe” hasn’t been officially picked up yet for another season, assuming it does, we can expect to see Dr. William Bell a few more times.

He also told me exactly what happens on the finale…but you’ll have to wait for the full interview to hear that news.

Again, check out “Fringe”. And I’m on the ever growing world of Twitter.

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