Collider Tells You What to Expect on BATMAN: BRAVE AND THE BOLD Season 2

     August 3, 2009

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I have made no secret of my love for Cartoon Network’s fun take on the Dark Knight in Brave and the Bold.  At Comic Con, I accosted, er, interviewed several people involved with season 2 including: series producer James Tucker, producer Michael Jelenic, voice director Andrea Romano, writer Stan Berkowitz, and Director Sam Liu, about what to expect when you’re expecting.   I can tell you that Batman Brave and the Bold Season 2 will feature Firestorm, Captain Marvel, Omacs, and more Flashes than you can count on one hand!  Oh My!  More Silver Age shenanigans after the jump.

Meister - Batman Brave and the Bold.jpgAt Comic Con I interviewed several of the people behind Cartoon Network’s Batman: Brave and The Bold.  James Tucker, Michael Jelenick, and Andrea Romano had plenty to say about Brave and the Bold’s success as well as where the show is headed in season 2.

James Tucker: I worked on Justice League.  I played around plenty with the big guns.  I want to use the weird and strange.  And simple, for a kid at least.  If you see GI Robot as a kid, he makes sense.  He’s a Robot AND an Army guy.  That’s the great thing about DC characters.  There are superheroes that’re a guy in a loincloth who can summon animals.  DC characters are pure fantasy.  We’ll see a lot more C-listers, and I say that affectionately.  We’ll get Firestorm (both old and new). As for villains, we’re REALLY digging deep.  We’ll see Dr. Double-X.

Michael Jelenick: In season 2 there’ll be new charcters – Captain Marvel.  We’ll also see more teams like the Metal Men Doom Patrol.  We have a pretty interesting Bwannah Beast arc.  And Starro makes an appearance.

Jonah (Collider): Bwannah Beast?

Michael: Yes!  A hard hitting, emotional Bwannah Beast arc!  Starro will have an extended appearance.  I’m really pushing for more obscure and absurd characters.  But, taking them seriously.  GI Robot.  Haunted Tank.  It gets weird.

Stan Berkowitz, while I was interviewing him for Batman/Superman Public Enemies, had this to say about new characters for his upcoming episode of Brave and the Bold.

Stan Berkowitz: I wrote the OMAC episode for next season.  I can’t say too much, but I can tell you Brother Eye IS in the episode.


Also on the Public enemies Panel, Sam Liu had this to say about Directing episodes of Brave and The Bold Season 2.

Sam Liu: I’ll be working with the Metal Men.  As for Characters I’d like to work with, I’d love to do Dead man and the Spectre.   But we DO get the Spectre in next season of Brave and the Bold.

Back to James and the gang at the B & B roundtables, I asked if there’d be any adaptations of comic arcs this season.

James: We’re adapting two Batman stories.  There’s a story where Batman finds out that his dad actually wore the Batman costume before him.

This refers to a story called the Untold Legend of Batman.  In it, Bruce finds out that his father Thomas actually fought mobsters while dressed as a bat – because he was at a costume party, but still.

James: We’re also doing the Batman of Zur -en ar.

Clearly I scoffed.

James: We’re doing it purely, not changing it with all that European stuff!

Tucker laughs.

James: Great Voice casting on that, but I can’t go into it.

Voice Director Andrea Romano had this to say about casting.

Andrea: I know I can’t talk about much, but I can tell you that there will be well known actors.   Julie Newmar as Martha Wayne, that’s been announced.

James: She’ll also be playing another iconic Batman villain.  NOT Catwoman though.


As for what else is in store for Season 2 viewers.

Andrea: I like the idea of the Batman romance we introduce in the Musical episode.  With Batman and Black Canary, I think you can see how she likes him.  It’s a great dynamic.  I’m always a fan of a good love story.

Are there any returning characters in bigger roles this season?

Andrea: The Red Hood will return.

James: There’s also a Flash legacy show with Zoom.  Anyone who knows Flash will recognize all the Flashes.

Wally, Barry, Jay?

Tucker Nods.


James: A lot of cool stuff coming up.

Andrea:  I think the trick is to make a cartoon YOU enjoy, then the fans will enjoy it too.

James: I want Brave and The bold to be accessible to everyone.  There was a time when Comics were accessible to adults and kids, but now, there’s a lot that we’ll pick up at the Comic Shop that is just, not for kids.  You couldn’t show a kid Battle for the Cowl for example.  It used to be that DC could be read by anyone.  You could pick up a book and six or twenty-six you could enjoy it.  I wanted to go back to what I was reading, that I enjoyed that I still read and enjoy now.  And I want to keep sharing that.

The Spectre, Firestorm, Captain Marvel, The Metal Men, The Doom Patrol, OMACs, Starro, and more Flashes than you can count on one hand!  Sheesh!  If you are not checking out this show yet, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!  Batman: Brave and the Bold airs Fridays on Cartoon network.