Columbia Pictures in Talks with Gary Ross to Direct VENOM

     October 7, 2009


We don’t need a Venom movie.  Underneath his proto-“Spawn” design, he’s a simple and boring character.  Eddie Brock/Venom is the polar opposite Peter Parker/Spider-Man and the main goal of both is to kill Spider-Man, a goal which should be no problem to accomplish in a movie that doesn’t have Spider-Man.  But fanboys love the drooling doofus so Columbia has been hard at work on a spinoff. Last we heard, “Zombieland” writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese were on the project but that no longer seems to be the case as its now looks like “Seabiscuit” director and “Spider-Man 4” screenwriter Gary Ross may write and direct the project.  Hit the jump for more details as well as bafflement as to how you make a “Venom” movie that isn’t just a two-minute tech demo.

Variety reports that Columbia is in talks with Ross to helm the spin-off and rewrite the script for “Venom” although it’s unclear if this is a page-one re-write or if he’ll keep some of what Wernick and Reese did with their take on the character.  I’m impressed that there’s even a take on the character.  Since it’s assumed that Topher Grace won’t be returning, does that mean that they’re starting off the character fresh or having the symbiote leave the incinerated remains of Eddie Brock amd move to a different host?  Obviously, they’ll have Venom be an anti-hero because look at him.  He’s got fangs and he’s drooling and he’s muscular so…yeah.  I’m sure that Ross will bring the same light touch to “Venom” that he brought to “Seabiscuit” as well as “Pleasantville” and “Lassie” (to be fair, he only wrote “Lassie”).


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