Columbia Wants Ivan Reitman out a Younger Director in for GHOSTBUSTERS III

     March 17, 2010


Ivan Reitman’s confirmed this past January that he was directing Ghostbusters III, so the news that Columbia wants a younger director to take on the project is pretty shocking. Vulture is now reporting that Columbia is looking to take the project in a somewhat different direction, one that doesn’t involve Reitman.

The third film is currently being written by The Office writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky, and it’s been rumored since the start of development that the plan would be to involve a younger group of Ghostbusters as to reboot the popular franchise. However this plan doesn’t involve Reitman, who is now 63 years old. Columbia is hoping to get a younger director to fill the shoes, like they have with the new Spider-Man director Marc Webb ((500) Days of Summer).

Hit the jump to see why Columbia’s decision to get rid of Reitman could potentially end with the cancellation of Ghostbusters III.

ghostbusters_movie_image_harold_ramis__bill_murray_and_dan_aykroyd.jpgBack in the late 80’s a deal was created (as it commonly was with big franchises) involving both Ivan Reitman and all three main actors (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, and Harold Ramis). If any of the four didn’t like a certain element of a new Ghostbusters, they could veto it and put a halt on the project. Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis seem to be in on the new movie, as they are overseeing the script, and Bill Murray’s recent comments on David Letterman make it hard to say he’s fully onboard with the project. Now Reitman stands in the way, with Columbia needing not only his vote but for him not to direct the project.

In a somewhat odd ball plan, Columbia is hoping that Reitman’s recent announcement that he’d be directing the comedy Friends With Benefits for Paramount would mean that he would be too busy to direct Ghostbusters III. Not so, apparently, as an inside source is claiming that he is seeing the films as separate entities and that he’ll have time to direct both. Now Sony is seriously questioning whether to go ahead with the development of Ghostbusters III, the only problem is if they cancel the movie they will have no other 2011 franchise film set for release.

Ivan Reitman has been a pivotal part of the Ghostbusters franchise, and so in that respect it’s hard to seriously side with Sony and Columbia. But looking at the last film Reitman directed, My Super Ex-Girlfriend, maybe it is time that they find some new talent. Last time I checked, there are two Reitmans who are directors and one of them has 2 Oscar nominations under his belt. Jason Reitman is young, “hip”, and certainly has the directing chops to take on the Ghostbusters franchise. Think about it Sony.

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