Comedian Channels Diddy for Tuneful Tribute to Conan O’Brien

     March 25, 2010


Unless you’re lucky enough to have a ticket to see Conan O’Brien live on tour this summer, you’ll have to wait until at least this fall for his return (assuming Fox can seal the deal), but in the meantime singer/songwriter/comedian Ben Sheehan has come up with a tribute that just about perfectly captures why we miss him so.

Sung to the tune of Diddy’s “I’ll Be Missing You” (which is of course already a pilferation of the Police’s “Every Breath You Take”), Sheehan’s “I’ll Be Watching You (Miss You Coco)” video on Funny or Die fits perfectly in the Coco spirit, and is thankfully as funny as it is bizarre. And besides, any song that name checks the trifecta of the coked-out werewolf, the masturbating bear and Polly the NBC Peacock has to have something going for it.

Hit the jump to watch Sheehan’s tuneful tribute.



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