Every Comic Book Movie of the 2010s, Ranked from Worst to Best

     July 14, 2020

Folks, I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but comic book movies sort of took over the cinematic experience over the last ten years. Iron Man was just outside the decade, yeah, but it kicked off an era of superheroes, mega-villains, caped crusaders, and crime-fighters flying across the screen almost every month of the year. Sure, there are drawbacks—hello, Mr. Scorsese!—but the genre, at its best and biggest, became something to unite us. These “event” films created the modern-day watercooler talk; think of Avengers: Infinity War‘s “snap”, or the Marvel v. Sony Spider-Man hullabaloo, or the first reactions to every single thing Jared Leto did as The Joker. For ten years, comic book movies have been synonymous with pop culture as a whole.

But! That doesn’t mean there isn’t a vast range in quality to these bad boys. The comic book movies released over the past decade have ranged from moving works of art that literally changed pop culture forever to straight-up unwatchable disasters that make you question every choice that led you to that theater seat. So, naturally, I’ve ranked them. All of them, from worst to best. Scroll on through the list below, and please remember that A) Comic book and movie fandom is a place for positivity and if your favorite landed somewhere un-ideal, I still think highly of you as a person, and B) Should you feel the uncontrollable need to yell about it, you can find me right here. Love a good, healthy convo.

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