Our Top Ten Comic Con 2010 Exclusives, Including KICK-ASS, PREDATOR, TRON, THUNDERCATS, More; Plus, Our Tips on How to Buy Them

     July 5, 2010


Unless you’re living under a rock, you’re aware that San Diego Comic Con is about two weeks away. The best part about this geek nirvana is no matter what your poison, comics, art, television, video games, movies, etc., there’s something for everyone. One of the specific niches that Comic Con is best known for is limited edition collectibles. Each year, seemingly every booth creates a batch of merchandise that will only ever be sold for those magical four days in San Diego.

The official Comic Con website recently put up the “full” list of exclusives (we say “full” because things will continue to be added to the list) and it’s pretty huge. So we went through and picked out the ten that we feel Collider readers might find most appealing, or could make for the best investment after July 22-25. Hit the jump for the list as well as tips on purchasing them.

These are our top ten exclusives; after number ten, stay tuned for our six tips on how to buy them.

1. MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE: Mo-LARR and Skeletor (Mattel, $50, Production Run N/A)

Whether you know it or not, Masters of the Universe toys are some of the most sought after collectibles out there. When Mattel releases a new one, it all but crashes their website for hours on end. So this set – based on a classic Robot Chicken bit – just has everything going for it. It’s funny, the figures look great, and it is sure to be highly sought after. Plus, while waiting at Mattel, they have a MOTU Orko, a few Ghostbusters toys, an awesome Plastic Man, a great Toy Story 3 Lotso and more. Mattel is really bringing it this year.


Click here for all of Mattel’s offerings.

2. Guardian PREDATOR Hot Toys Collectible Figure (Sideshow, $184.99, Production Run N/A)

The best thing about Sideshow Collectibles is they have amazing Comic Con Exclusives, like this perfect looking Predator 2 figure. The bad thing is that you have to pre-order them weeks before and most are already sold out. Still, that doesn’t make this figure any less impressive and maybe you can figure out a way to get one. Sure it’s pricey, but Hot Toys make the best 12 inch figures in the world.


Click here for all of Sideshow’s offerings.

3. TRON Vintage Figure (Disney Consumer Products, $40, Production Run 1500)

Though Disney had a pretty awesome Tron viral and presentation at Comic Con 2009, this year promises to only be bigger. Case in point, this sweet exclusive that we’ve already covered here on the site. The packaging of Tron is almost cooler than the figure itself and at only 1500 pieces, this one is sure to go fast. And yes – they’ll also be selling the Die-Cast Light Cycle from Tron Legacy, but at 3000 pieces and costing only $5, that will be slightly easier to get.

Thanks to Toy News International.

Click here for all of Disney‘s offerings.

4. TRANSFORMERS Autobot Blaster Special Edition Figure (Hasbro, $49.99, Production Run TBA)

Hasbro is regularly one of, if not the busiest, booths at Comic Con with people lining up hours for a chance to nab one of their exclusives. Arguably their best this year is this new version of Transformers Autobot Blaster that looks just like the 1984 original. Last year, Hasbro did a very similar toy with Soundwave (complete with tapes to go in the boombox) and that was a hot ticket item. This should be again. Plus, it looks simply awesome.

Thanks to Tformers.com


Click here for all of Hasbro‘s offerings.

5. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE Alex Minibust (Retro Outlaw, $100, Production Run 250)

Getting collectibles at Comic Con is awesome. Having them autographed is even better. Retro Outlaw is releasing two different colors of this fantastic looking minibust of Alex from A Clockwork Orange and will have Malcolm McDowell on hand to sign them. That’s worth $100 alone.


Click here for all of Retro Outlaw‘s offerings.

6. BATMAN ARKHAM ASYLUM: Battle Damaged Batman (Graphitti Designs, $20, Production Run 4,000)

Last year, Graphitti sold probably the hottest toys at Comic Con, a set of Blackest Night Green Lantern figures released one each day. This year, they have this awesome sounding (though we couldn’t find a photo yet) Batman figure that one would assume is based on the video game Batman: Arkham Asylum, as well as two more Lanterns – White Lantern: Sinestro and Black Lantern: Hal Jordan. All three will be sought after, but Batman trumps Lantern every day of the week.

No image currently available. Click here for all of Graphitti Design’s offerings.

7. THUNDERCATS Lion-O Polyresin Statue (Action Figure Xpress, $60, Production Run 500)

Thundercats is one of those ‘80s cartoons that often get brought up at a bar amongst a group of guys but rarely gets the respect or admiration commanded by a Voltron or He-Man. A company called Iron Heroes hopes to change that with a new line of 6 inch, highly detailed mini-statues beginning with the fearless leader, Lion-O. $60 is a lot for a small piece like this, but it’s gorgeous none the less. AFX also has some cool Star Wars stuff including bad ass bookends, and some very cool, geeky Minimates from both X-Force and Ghostbusters 2.


Click here for all of AFX’s offerings.

8. TERMINATOR 2 “Liquid Metal” T-1000 7” Action Figure (NECA, $20, Production Run 1000)

Best known for their awesome Cult Classics line, NECA still makes some of the best looking collectible toys on the market today based on movies, video games and much more. Each year at Comic Con they put out some really cool toys and this year is no exception with items such as this T-1000 figure in liquid metal mode. In addition to that, they also have exclusives from Watchmen, Bioshock, Gears of War and even Predators.


Click here for all of Neca’s offerings.

9. KICK-ASS Super Bundle Featuring Kick Ass & Hit Girl Mez-Itz and more (Mezco, $TBD, Production Run TBD)

Sure, Kick-Ass didn’t blow up the box office like many of us thought, but that doesn’t make it any less beloved at Comic Con. Mezco is releasing a cool little pack that includes four pieces – two Mez-Its (which basically look like Mighty Muggs) and two key ringz – based on Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl. Okay, they don’t look great, but any Kick-Ass merch – especially if its exclusive, is a good thing. Mezco also has some rocking Batman and Joker Mez-Itz too.


Click here for all of Mezco’s offerings.

10. TRON Bearbrick 2010 SDCC Version (Diamond Comics, $TBA, Production Run 1500)

As evidenced by our number 2 item, Tron is going to be huge at Comic Con this year. And while most of us probably don’t collect the wonder that are Bearbricks, this one might get us to start. It’s just an awesome looking piece by Medicom. Diamond Comics is also selling a pretty awesome Mad Hatter Chess Piece and some Marvel Minimates based on ‘90s heroes.


Click here for all of Diamond Comics’ offerings.

Again, keep checking both Collider and the official San Diego Comic Con exclusives page for more exclusives. They get announced up to and even at Comic Con so you never know what will show up. Still, am I the only one who is a little disappointed with the exclusives this year? Sure, these items are all pretty sweet, but I simply don’t feel the cash burning in my pocket yet. Am I wrong?

Either way, if any of these items interest you, be sure to read our below tips on buying exclusives at Comic Con. It’s an art, and I’m an old pro.


san_diego_comic-con_logo1. Try to buy on Preview Night

There are usually less people and less going on on preview night so that’s the best time to try and get exclusives. Plus, if you lock up everything you want on Wednesday, you can do whatever you want the rest of the days – or even resell those items to vendors later on during the weekend.

2. Have a plan

Don’t just walk onto the convention hall floor hoping to buy something cool. Know what you want, look at the map to see where the booth selling it is, line up early, then run to get there. Lines are long at all times so the sooner you arrive at a booth, the sooner you can get your collectible.

3. Bring cash

Credit cards are accepted at most of the bigger booths, but not all of them. Have cash as a back up.

4. Bribe people

This sounds way worse than it is. Many of the more popular booths – such as Mattel and Hasbro – get so busy so fast, they close down the line. No line means no toys for you, right? Wrong. It also means there are a million people waiting and chances are they aren’t all buying that one toy you desire. Talk to people close to the front of the line and ofter them a few bucks to buy the toy for you. Maybe it’s limit two and they only want one. Perfect. Not everyone is cool with this, but when someone is, you will be thankful and it’s money well spent.

5. Edition sizes can be deceiving

Don’t waste your whole day in line for a toy just because you think it might sell out. Do some research.  Many of the booths limit how many of each toy they sell each day so people who come on Friday and Saturday have a shot at them. Also, 1000 pieces is way more than you think. (250, on the other hand, is way less than you think) Don’t be afraid to come back but, make sure to ask someone before you give up.

6. Worst Case Scenario…go to the triple digits.

In the worst case scenario, your exclusive is totally sold out. Bummer. Well, all hope is not lost. Many of the vendors who populate the triple digit aisles on the floor purchased a whole bunch earlier in the week and are selling them at a slight markup. Walk around, do some comparison shopping and don’t be afraid to bargain. By Sunday afternoon, if the vendors still have those exclusives, they’ll be willing to sell them for $10-$15 more than the regular price and really – that’s not so bad. It’s better than eBay prices in two weeks.