Check Out the ‘Mr. Robot’ Installation and VR Experience from Comic-Con 2016

     July 21, 2016


The hit USA Network TV series Mr. Robot is providing a unique, one-of-a-kind virtual reality experience in the Gaslamp District for fans attending Comic-Con 2016 this year. Written and directed by show creator Sam Esmail and starring Emmy nominee Rami Malek, the 12-minute, fully-scripted piece provides viewers with one of the first narrative pieces of television content in the Virtual Reality medium and offers an inside look at Elliot’s backstory.

The experience is made even cooler by the fact that you can enter the pop-up storefront that is an authentic replica of the MR. ROBOT Computer Repair Shop from the series, before stepping into the interior of Elliot’s apartment, where you can take a seat and get lost in Elliot’s world. The details are exact and amazing, and it really feels like you’ve walked into a moment on the show.

Check out our images from the experience. All photos by Christina Radish.

mr-robot-installation-01 mr-robot-installation-02 mr-robot-installation-03 mr-robot-installation-04

mr-robot-installation-05 mr-robot-installation-06 mr-robot-installation-07 mr-robot-installation-08

mr-robot-installation-09 mr-robot-installation-10 mr-robot-installation-11 mr-robot-installation-12

mr-robot-installation-13 mr-robot-installation-14 mr-robot-installation-15 mr-robot-installation-16

mr-robot-installation-17 mr-robot-installation-18 mr-robot-installation-19 mr-robot-installation-20

mr-robot-installation-21 mr-robot-installation-22 mr-robot-installation-23 mr-robot-installation-24

mr-robot-installation-25 mr-robot-installation-26 mr-robot-installation-27 mr-robot-installation-28

mr-robot-installation-29 mr-robot-installation-30 mr-robot-installation-31 mr-robot-installation-32

mr-robot-installation-33 mr-robot-installation-34 mr-robot-installation-35 mr-robot-installation-36