‘Teen Wolf’ Cast & Showrunner Tease What to Expect Next Season

     July 22, 2016


On the heels of the announcement that Teen Wolf will be concluding its run after six seasons, the cast and showrunner sat with press during SDCC to tease what to expect. Actors Holland Roden, Dylan Spraberry, Khylin Rhambo and creator Jeff Davis celebrated the places the show has gone, their evolving roles and the importance of representation.

  • Jeff Davis right off the bat deflected details of the show’s suspenseful finale that cut on some very interesting footsteps. He carefully noted, “It belonged to a person. You’re gonna see who they belong to. The trailer will set up the season. We’ve written a few season finales like series finales. We look at each season like a book. We really went for mysteries and ghost stories this season.” Anything past that is to be seen.
  • The surprising return of a cast favorite was more planned than originally thought, and since these interviews took place before the final season announcement, it makes sense to circle back. “Theo is back, they dig him back up. For us it was not a question of whether he’d come back but a matter of when. We’re building the romances we’ve been building since Season 5. The writers are concentrating on Liam and Hayden,” he revealed.

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    Teen Wolf has gained much appreciation in the LQBT and POC community for portraying characters realistically, and not just as a token to make focal just for the sake of inclusion. This conscious decision Davis described as being informed by his reality, “It’s hugely important to me as a gay man myself. I want to see more representation. Good representation. You want the same dramatic things to happen to them (as they would to any other character). That’s something that needs to be there.”

  • Lead actress Holland Roden on her excitement for Lydia Martin’s evolution and her powers getting stronger: “Things are coming up dealing with time travel or [visiting] another time period. There’s a great episode that deals with Irish folklore. [She’s] helping beat one of the villains this season. Her powers play in indirectly connecting to different time periods. Her banshee-ism connecting to their banshee-ism.”
  • Roden also revealed that her becoming more in tune with her banshee-ism could lead to her being a significant asset in taking on the threat of the Ghost Riders. To her it comes down to not just physically being on the attack but using the supernatural to discover the keys to finding a weakness. “She’s definitely analyzing them the most, and there’s a reason she is. A lot of it is psychologically dealing with space and time. It’s not on the surface.”
  • Dylan Sprayberry took a moment to talk about how his character Liam has made a more visible effort to move past his past anger issues. He chalks it up to the relatability of his inner conflicts, “I think every person relapses. My character does. His go-to emotion is anger. He gets angry at himself. He’s not sure if he can do what he needs to do. I think each season we show progress. He’s more optimistic about it not affecting his overall being.”

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    New fan fave Khylin Rhambo brought up how Mason’s newfound “beast mode” has only added to his interest in the supernatural in figuring out ways to use his newfound abilities to help his friends. Rhambo excitedly elaborated, “Becoming a beast was borderline a fascinating experience for him. The supernatural obsessions are still there, but now people’s lives are at stake.”

  • Mason’s place in the pack to Rhambo resembles Style’s arc. “He’s proven himself. Scott has trusted him. He’s riding that moment. Styles 2.0. Using his intellect and knowledge of his obsession with the Ghostrider to help them in anyway.” he added.
  • Mason has also been a recent victory in representation for people of color that breaks the stereotypical versions of the past. It’s endeared Rhambo not only to the Teen Wolf fandom, but created a character who in 10 years from now will be looked back on as commonplace. He’s not like anyone else, and his written so well. It’s not something lost on Rhambo, “It’s been great. It’s been so awesome. He’s a very different character. It’s like double-dutch, and I jumped in, and people love to see Mason. To have made an impact on people just by doing what I love is an honor.”

Image via MTV