Comic-Con 2016: ‘The Strain’ Promises More Flashbacks and New Alliances in Season 3

     July 22, 2016


FX’s The Strain has been a non-stop gory ride since its inception two years ago, and according to producers, Carlton Cuse and Chuck Hogan, audiences can expect the same kind of frightful storytelling to continue in its third season. Cuse and Hogan along with stars: Kevin Durand, Ruta Gedmintas, Richard Sammel, and Miguel Gomez were in attendance for the show’s panel at Comic-Con Thursday afternoon. After debuting never-before-seen footage, they shared tidbits about the direction the show will be headed this year. From flashbacks to newly-formed alliances — and even romance — here’s what you need to know to get into gear for The Strain’s new season premiering next month.

  • The audience was treated to a vastly entertaining and hilarious rap video starring Durand, Gomez, and David Bradley and background dancers. The lyrics not only recounted the events of the past two seasons but also alluded to the group’s efforts to finally end The Master’s fiendish plans. It was truly a joy to see Bradley singing about kicking some strigoi butt while showing off some sweet dance moves. Later, it was revealed that it was Durand who came up with the idea and immediately got Gomez and Bradley on board:

  • After the music video, new footage debuted that showed the first act of the Season 3 premiere. The episode will kick off with a military operation in the underground tunnels of NYC and then it will give us a glimpse of how Eph is dealing with the loss of both Nora and Zach. It’s an enthralling first 10-minutes, and it’s safe to say the premiere will start off its third year in full gear. There are also new opening credits that Cuse described as a “graphic novel and thriller combo.”
  • There will be a small time jump or “a bit of an interlude,” as Hogan referred to it, when the series returns. The season will only contain 10 episodes and it will continue to focus on New York, even though Cuse teased it would be an all-out battle not only for the soul of the city but also the rest of the world. We will see other places beyond New York in the form of flashbacks.
  • More Quinlan! He’ll be integral in Setrakian’s quest to decipher the Lumen. Expect more flashbacks that will dig deeper into his character’s origin as well as his relation to the Ancients and The Master. And speaking of the Ancients, Cuse promises they will have a very significant role in the plan to defeat The Master this season and the show will be delving deeper into that mythology.
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    Fet and Dutch’s romance will be put on an indefinite break and they will be exploring things on their own. “We see them grow as individuals,” added Gedmintas, teasing that Dutch will be forming an unlikely alliance with Eph and they’d be developing a dark camaraderie over their affinity for alcohol. Durand teased that Fet will possibly have a new love interest this season and also start working with a new group. He joked that he and his wife have a deal that for every on-screen kiss he has to purchase a new handbag for her. “I’ve had to buy a couple bags,” he said laughing.

  • Duran also shared that Fet will suffer this season after he experiences a deep, traumatic loss. It wasn’t clear whether this will be in the form of a flashback or in present time. Either way, very ominous.
  • No romance for Gus. Instead, he will be dealing with his strigoi mother and trying to protect her. Cuse teased that there will be a lot of good stuff between them this season and Gomez assured that Gus’s priority is to not lose her. Angel—who by now is like a father figure to him—will play a part in trying to keep him in check and convince him to make good decisions.
  • The series will follow Zach’s character development now that he’s reunited with Kelly. “We’ll see how he’s changed,” Hogan teased not diving too deep into that part of the storyline.
  • Lastly, we saw The Master reincarnate himself as Bolivar last season but the creature fled into hiding soon after. Cuse was careful not to give too much away but did say he will be going through a bit of an identity crisis when the show returns. The first episode will “explore the consequences of his current state,” Cuse offered.

The Strain Season 3 premieres Sunday, August 28th.


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