Comic Con 2011: ARCHER Interviews with H. Jon Benjamin, Amber Nash, Aisha Tyler and Chris Parnell

     July 30, 2011


I know I’m not the only Collider writer to feel that if you’re missing out on FX’s Archer, you’re missing one of the most consistently funny shows on Television.  If biting satire, political commentary, and cartoon nudity are things you enjoy, chances are high you already do enjoy FX’s brilliant Archer.   The cast hit Comic-Con to promote the upcoming third season, and I got to sit down with stars H. Jon Benjamin (Voice of Sterling Archer), Amber Nash (Voice of HR Director Pam Poovey), Aisha Tyler (Voice of Agent Lana Kane), and Chris Parnell (Voice of Cyril Figgis).  If the cast is to be believed, Season 3 will feature:

  • “Operational fieldwork”
  • “Midgets”
  • “Terrible things”

Check all three video interviews after the jump.

archer-tv-show-poster-01First up, Aisha Tyler (Voice of Agent Lana Kane), and Chris Parnell (Voice of Cyril Figgis) candidly discussed how the second season starts with a three-part adventure, the show could use more poop jokes, and how no thing or person should be off limits for a humorous dig, except maybe cancer. Except maybe not.

According to Tyler and Parnell in Season 3 of Archer we’ll see:

“A lot of Operational Fieldwork.” – Aisha Tyler

“Sex happens, rift in the time space continuum, midgets come out.” – Aisha Tyler

Though Parnell is quick to remind her that “We call them ‘little people’ Aisha.  Jesus Christ…”

The interview begins with just Aisha Tyler:

  • :30 – First Tyler talks about which characters she does and doesn’t like on the show.
  • 1:30- Tyler talks about how cracking wise about cancer was almost too much.
  • 2:00 – Chris Parnell Joins in.
  • 3:00 – Parnell talks about watching the show for the first time.
  • 3: 45 – Parnell admits that Archer and Mallory’s interactions are sometimes hard to watch.
  • 4:45 – Tyler says Show creator Adam Reed believes Lana is quote “nuts”.
  • 5:00 – Parnell talks about how he originally read for a much smaller part initially.
  • 5:55 – Tyler tells a much different tale of being cast involving an alley and selling pencils.
  • 6:30 – Tyler starts to open up about details for Archer season 3, including the fact that the season begins with a three part story arc that sees Archer go “off the reservation”.
  • 7:00 – Parnell adds that Heart of Archness will be the title for the three-episode arc.
  • 7:50 – Parnell says there are no plans so far to deal with Cyril’s sex addiction in the upcoming season.
  • 8:15 – Tyler contradicts Parnell suggesting this season will see “really explosive sexual behavior”.
  • 8:50 – Tyler talks about upcoming projects including a podcast: Girl on Guy (which will feature most of the cast of Archer), a spy series with Stuart Townsend called 13.
  • 9:45 – Parnell talks about his upcoming projects including Five Year Engagement with Emily Blunt, a bit part in 21 Jumpstreet with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum, and something for MTV called I Just Want My Pants Back with Director Doug Liman.
  • 10:45 – Tyler admits to getting a bad case of nerves when she read for Liman, then remembers to plug her film the Babymakers from Broken Lizard alumnus Jay Chandrasekhar.

Next up, Amber Nash (Voice of HR Director Pam Poovey) reflects on her NSFW catchphrase, being “picked on” on the show, and whether or not a bit about the inappropriate use of pool balls is going too far.  (Spoiler alert, it isn’t.)  She also begs for work.

According to Nash Pam’s role on the show this season will be like other seasons:

“Pam’s just being gross and doesn’t have anything to do with the plot really.”

Here’s the interview:

  • :15 – First Nash suggests she loves being picked on in the show as Pam.
  • :45 – Nash states she’s eager to get to read offensive lines in every episode.
  • 1:11 – Nash talks about her catchphrase “shit snacks”.
  • 1:50 – According to Nash all Pam does for the first three episodes is hang out and be gross.
  • 2:10 – Nash compares the recording process with series Creator/Exec Producer Adam Reed to hanging at a barber shop with your pals.
  • 2:55 – Nash begs for “any jobs that come along.”

Finally, I got to speak with H. Jon Benjamin (Voice of Sterling Archer). It might surprise you little to discover that Benjamin is irreverent, sardonic, and incredibly entertaining in person.  Benjamin opens up about the show, poking fun at everything and everyone, and his side job: a little show on Comedy Central.  While his interview offers little insight into the shows direction next season, it is entertaining.

Benjamin ‘s take on Season 3 is slightly different than the other actors:

“It ‘jumps the shark’ this year episode 2.”

Here’s the interview:

  • :45 – Benjamin suggests he identifies with Pam because they’re both overweight.
  • 1:12 – Benjamin states he believes the show never goes too far; in fact, he wants it to be “way, way worse”.
  • 1:55 – Benjamin talks about the first three episodes of Season 3.
  • 2:45 – Benjamin jokes the show will be ‘unwatchable’ after episode three.
  • 3:15 – Benjamin suggests that working with Creator/Exec Producer Adam Reed mostly involves arguing over money.  He then performs a Steven Wrightesque skit about just such an argument.
  • 4:45 – Benjamin talks about his non-Archer projects: Jon Benjamin Has a Van on Comedy Central and Bob’s Burgers on Fox.

Like FX’s other raucous, ribald comedy Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, FX’s Archer, consistently pushes the envelope, straddling the line between offensive and hilarious.  You could do much worse things for your funny bone than check out the show when it returns to FX.