Comic-Con: Video and Images from the New FLYNN’S ARCADE Including Inside the End of Line Club from TRON: LEGACY

     July 23, 2010


Last year the best event outside the Convention Center at Comic-Con was Flynn’s Arcade.  That’s because Disney recreated the awesome location from the movie Tron in a building nearby. It was the talk of Comic-Con.  Here’s our original report.  This year, the studio has once again spent a small fortune bringing back Flynn’s Arcade.  But instead of the secret reveal inside being a light cycle from the upcoming movie, Disney built a set from Tron: Legacy called the End of Line Club.  It’s sick.  While I would love to go into detail of what it was like, I have a ton of interviews today so I’m going to leave you with a lot of pictures from inside Flynn’s Arcade and the Club as well as a lot of video!  You can actually watch in real time walking behind the Tron arcade game till you get inside the Club and all around the inside.  Hit the jump to check it out!

Here’s the two videos I shot. The first one is inside Flynn’s Arcade with all the video games covered.  The second starts from the moment the game moves forward and continues for about 10 minutes. I am really sorry I couldn’t edit a nice 3 minute clip of highlights, but I’m crazy today.  I would recommend the 2 minute mark and towards the end.  If you watch the entire clip, you’ll see some other web reporters, Disney PR people, and Tron: Legacy sneakers!

Inside Flynn’s Arcade

Once the secret door opens what happens

The pictures start with inside Flynn’s Arcade, you’ll then see some swag we got including a cool poster and some coins. The last pictures are from inside the End of Line Club. Click on any for high-res.

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