100 Pictures from Comic-Con 2010; Check Out the Convention Floor, Booth Babes, Toys, Movie Posters, Movie Props, and a Lot More!

     July 25, 2010

Every year at Comic-Con, the convention floor is sensory overload.  You’ve got thousands of people walking around trying to take everything in. Some are trying to buy convention exclusives, others are trying to get autographs and meet celebrities, and the rest are there for a myriad of reasons.  Comic-Con has definitely become a melting pot of pop culture and if you’re into movies, TV, comic books, toys, anime, and almost anything that can be collected, it’s located in San Diego in late July.  While the show has grown bigger than the Convention Center can hold (which is why some events are now offsite at other hotels) it’s an amazing show and something you have to experience for yourself.

Since many of you have never been to Comic-Con, I decided to take a ton of photos of the Convention Floor and some of the cool things taking place outside on the street.  So if you’re into everything I mentioned above, you’re going to love the 100 pictures after the jump.

Some of the highlights are Green Hornet, Scott Pilgrim toys, Sucker Punch toys and posters, Daft Punk toys, Thundercats, The Walking Dead, Harry Potter movie props, Resident Evil: Afterlife 3D, Sideshow Collectibles, Thor, Captain America: The First Avenger, Ghostbusters, and so much more.

And one final thing…I literally could have taken a thousand pictures and not covered 10% of what happens at Comic-Con. Again, it’s something you have to experience for yourself. And if you’re reading Collider…you owe it to yourself to eventually make it to San Diego. …

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