SDCC 2010: Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez Video Interview MACHETE

     July 28, 2010

Nestled amongst taco trucks, tequila and Tecate Light, Robert Rodriguez introduced the gathered crowd at Comic-Con to his latest effort Machete.  Did he do this in Hall H?  Ballroom 20?  No, he loaded up a parking lot in the San Diego Gaslamp District with food, drinks, the kind of cars you’ve seen in rap videos and about five hundred of his newest friends.  Once the party was in full swing, Rodriguez took the stage with Machete himself Danny Trejo and his lovely co-star Michelle Rodriguez to prep the crowd for about seven minutes from the film.  He closed saying, “oh, and this last bit needs a bit of set up.  You should know that he just learned that the human intestine is ten times the length of the human body…”  I’ll let you’re imagination ride that out to its conclusion while you wait for this clearly fun and entertaining film to come to your local cineplex.

I got to chat with Robert Rodriguez, Danny Trejo and Michelle Rodriguez before the festivities kicked off.  We talked about the genesis and evolution of Machete, weapons and what’s next.  Hit the jump to check it out:

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